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Brothers Tree Service

Providing tree care with integrity since 2005.


Brothers Tree Service offers an array of arboricultural services. All services are provided in accordance with ANSI and OSHA standards and meet or exceed Best Management Practices set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Removal services:

– Tree removal
– Land clearing
– Invasive species mitigation
– Brush and wood chipping (3in-12in)

Stump grinding service:

– Stump grinding
(2in to 11in below grade)
– Remove stump grindings
– Refill depression with black dirt
– Grind and level preexisting stumps

Pruning services:

– Natural pruning
– Ornamental pruning
– Topiary pruning
– Pollard pruning
– Fruit tree pruning
– Retrenchment pruning
– Antique apple pruning
– Bonsai

Plant health care services:

– Arboricultural consulting
sessions with ISA certified arborist
– Systemic injections
– Oak wilt mitigation
– Foliar spray
– Pest and insect mitigation
– Fertilization
– Soil analysis
– Supplemental support, cabling, bracing
– Property management plans
for private, and commercial property (3 and 5 year)