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Even though trees are essential to our world and offer a wide range of benefits to our environment, they can be dangerous if not properly maintained. A weak tree can fall without warning and injure people or damage property. Proper and consistant maintenance can help identify when trees are becoming dangerous. Evaluating the seriousness of a trees condition should be done by a professional arborist.

Tree care depends on the species, age, location, climate, and other factors that affect the tree’s growth. Educating yourself about your trees needs is the first step. Proper tree care is a lifelong process, and planting and caring for your tree is a long-term commitment, not just a one time deal. Choose a tree care company that you are comfortable with and stick with them. This is why Brothers Tree Service is an excellent choice.

Pruning is the cutting or removing of branches or parts of a tree. Pruning is also improving the shape or growth of trees. This is the most common tree maintenance. Trees are pruned for preventative or as a corrective measure to remove dead branches, crowded or rubbing limbs, eliminating a hazard and to increase light and air penetration.

Topping a tree is the indiscriminate cutting of branches. Topping is perhaps the most harmful tree pruning practice and is not recommended. It is typically done when a tree has become too large and is perceived as a hazard.

  • Location and amount of space
  • Clearance from overhead and underground utilities
  • Weather conditions
  • Tree functions you desire
  • Exposure to sun and wind
  • The quality

Trees are a lifelong commitment; choose wisely.

Mulch is the material placed over the soil surface to help maintain moisture. Mulching gives the soil benefits such as: reducing water loss, minimizing weed competition, and improving soil structure.

Trees reduce annual heating and cooling costs. Trees increase property value. Trees provide privacy, scenery, and aesthetic values.

If you notice a change in your tree’s appearance, you should carefully examine the problem. Insects and diseases can threaten a tree’s health. You should contact a tree care professional immediately to take the appropriate action for treatment.

The ISA was founded in 1924 as a scientific and educational non-profit organization. The ISA works with professionals as well as consumers to have a better understanding of trees and tree care.